Staff + Coverage


Glen Lake Fire Department provides emergency services for all risks on a 24 hour, 7 day-per-week basis.

The daily duty crew is comprised of a minimum of 5 personnel. All crews have a minimum of 2 paramedic/firefighters and 3 EMT/firefighters assigned to EMS duties. One ALS ambulance is staffed in Glen Arbor at Station 1 and a second ALS ambulance is staffed in Empire at Station 2. All other personnel have primary and secondary assignments to fulfill based on call types and volume.



The department’s staff members include…

Fire Chief Bryan Ferguson

Shift Lieutenants

  Chad Dykgraaf

         Aaron Brown

         Jay Morse


Each Lieutenant supervises a shift of 5, comprised of 2 paramedic/firefighters and 3 EMT/firefighters. The Department’s full-time staff has 7 paramedic/firefighters and 6 EMT/firefighters. Additionally, the part-time staff includes 5 Paid-On-Call members.

All crews share daily responsibilities for service preparedness to the community as well as maintaining their respective stations, equipment, professional training requirements, public education and safety awareness.