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The Glen Arbor Fire Department informally starts in July 1951.


First organizational meeting is held on June 4th. Those present included Diz Dean (Chairman), Jack Rader (Secretary), Alex Buchanan (Treasurer), Frank Basch (Chief), Walt Steffens (First Assistant Chief), Dexter Seeburger (Second Assistant Chief), Art Sheridan (First Driver), Martin Egeler Sr. (2nd Driver), Gil Warnes (3rd Driver), Luis Grossner (4th Driver), Martin Egeler Jr. (5th Driver).


An ordinance is approved to establish the Glen Arbor Township Fire Department.


A new firehouse is constructed on Lake Street.


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The first fire truck is placed into service on January 15th. It was a school bus that was converted into a tanker-pumper.

The second truck was a 1946 international KB6 purchased from the City of Lansing.


Ruth Oleson, R.N. and Mary Rader, R.N., join the department. They were two of the first female firefighters in the state of Michigan.

The department began responding to first aid calls with an E&J resuscitator purchased by the Glen Lake Association.


The Department purchases a new Chevrolet station wagon that was converted to a transporting ambulance. The two nurses and volunteer advanced Red Cross first-aid personnel staff it. Ten patients were transported to the hospital that year.


The Department purchases its first ambulance from Superior Coach.


PA368 establishes the standards for all EMS providers in the State of Michigan. The Act requires that all EMT’s be licensed.


The Department replaces its ambulance with a new Type I ambulance.


The State of Michigan passes legislation stating that any person joining a Michigan fire department after October 31, 1988 must complete the new firefighter 1 training course. The new training regimen requires 120 hours of training versus the old requirement of 66 hours.


Frank Basch retires as Fire Chief. Leo Buckler is appointed as the new Chief of the Glen Arbor Fire Department.


The Glen Arbor Township Board approves the establishment of a Special Assessment District for Emergency Services. The Township and the Department become more proactive by providing for long term planning capabilities.

Leo Buckler retires as Fire Chief. John Depuy was appointed as new Chief of the Department.

Glen Arbor Township contracts with North Flight for one full-time EMT-Specialist for 40 hours a week. This staff assignment provides coverage for day-time ambulance calls.


Glen Arbor, under the Bennett Bill, upgrades its ambulance service from a basic service (BLS) to a limited Advanced Life Support (ALS). North Flight fulfills the staffing contract with the department.

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The first paramedic hired into the Department.


Construction begins on the new fire station in Glen Arbor at 6401 West State Street.


The Department upgrades its EMS service to Advanced Life Support (ALS).


John Depuy retires as Fire Chief and John Dodson is appointed as the new Chief of the Department.


Glen Arbor Fire Department is combined with Empire Fire Department under the new name of Glen Lake Fire Department.


Department transitions away from North Flight to a full-time municipal Fire/EMS staff.


John Dodson retires as Fire Chief and Bryan Ferguson is appointed as the new Chief of the Department.