I received medical care and transportation to the Emergency Room at Munson Medical Center by Glen Lake EMS. I need a copy of my confidential patient care report. How do I obtain that?

The request for medical records must be made in writing and should include the patient’s full name, address, the incident date, and approximate time of the incident. To obtain your medical record, you must have either a Consent for Release of Medical Records form signed by the patient or his/her legal guardian or by Subpoena. Patient privacy rules authorize the release of personal healthcare information only under these conditions. The written request for records must be made to the following address:

Glen Lake Fire Department

Attn: Privacy Officer

P.O. Box 212

Glen Arbor, Michigan 49636

Fax: (231) 334-4050

The form can be found on the forms page.

I just moved into a new home and my insurance company needs to know information about fire protection services or the fire department ISO rating. Who can help me with this information?

Insurance companies often require different types of information concerning fire protection services. Because of the variables that can impact your coverage and coverage premiums, we want to have as much information about your situation as possible. That way we can provide accurate and specific information to you and your insurance provider. The Fire Chief is your primary resource and he is always willing work with you and your insurance provider on these issues.

What and where can I burn? Are permits required?

Specific information about burning can be found at the following website:

DNR – State of MI Burn Permits

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources monitors burn conditions & issues permits for both Empire and Glen Arbor townships. Burning of household trash and other materials is prohibited within the Village of Empire. A list of allowable materials to burn is identified on the DNR website. Generally, campfires & bonfires are allowed providing they are properly contained and attended to. It is always best to have an available water source, monitor weather conditions, and to use good sound judgement if you plan to burn. Never underestimate the importance of safety and always realize that even the smallest fire has the potential to quickly spread and become uncontrollable in a very short period of time.

Additional questions or requests may be directed by phone at (231)-334-3279 or by email at info@glenlakefire.org

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