Tanker 321

Description: Class A Tanker Pumper

Primary Function: Water Supply • Manufacturer: Pierce/Kenworth

tanker 321-glen lake fire dept


2005 Pierce Kenworth

300hp Cummins ISM engine

Leece-Neville 270 amp alternator

18.7 cfm air compressor

Waterous 1250gpm single stage fire pump

Poly elliptical tank 2100 gallons of water

50 gallons of Class A foam

Two portable 2100 gallon drop tanks

Two, 200’ sections of 1 ¾ pre-connected hand lines

200’ of 2 ½” pre connect

300’ of 2 ½” dead lay

30’ section of 5” in the 16” bumper extension

Seating for two

Two onboard SCBA’s

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